Tree Removal Pensacola

Tree Removal Pensacola

If an entire tree needs to be removed, SOS Tree Services will remove all unwanted parts, cut them up, grind down the stump, and haul away all the debris. We have all the right equipment to keep everyone safe and to get the job done right. And if you get hit here in Pensacola with a tropical storm, we will come and collect the tree branches or tree trunks and dispose of them in an efficient way so you will not need to worry about it.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is rarely a DIY project. In most cases, you’re far better off using a professional tree removal service. Trees can be really dangerous when cut down or removed, so it’s of considerable importance that you pick a highly trained and professional tree removal service. A business offering tree cutting and removal is the best to help you handle every part of getting rid of a dangerous tree in your yard. When you pick a company carefully, then you move into this process with full confidence. Keep reading to learn numerous factors you should consider when choosing such a business.

Look Up Ratings And Reviews

When are you hunting for a tree removal service, it’s crucial that you do sufficient research about what reputation the business has in its local community. A high-quality tree removal service is going to be able to come up with reviews and references from previous customers. If you ask for them, you’ll feel better knowing that you’re partnering up with a business that emphasizes customer satisfaction and safety.

Inquire About Their Certification

On top of just researching the general reputation of any tree removal service, you should also ask about the certifications of their specialists. The ISA, or International Society of Arboriculture, offers specific certifications for those professionals working in the field of tree trimming and removal. If a company obtains ISA certifications, then a business has demonstrated that they apply practices and standards which are acknowledged by industry leaders.

Think About Liability And Insurance

Removing trees can prove very dangerous, so it’s crucial to be sure that any tree removal business you pick for this service has full licensing and insurance. When a business carries liability insurance, it’s demonstrating that you’re not going to be the one held accountable for an accident that might happen during the process of removing the tree. Given these factors, you will be free to schedule your tree to be removed with confidence.


Make sure that any business you look at has accreditation with the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Regrettably, the BBB isn’t as robust as they once were, but seeing BBB accreditation still proves to be a reliable indicator of reputable service providers. If you can, find out what sort of rating the business has. They should ideally be in good standing.

Question The Bargains

When prices look too good to be actually true, then they probably are too good to be trusted. It’s hard to turn them down though because everyone likes to save money. However, if a tree removal service is going low with their prices, they might not have real experience, they’re short on proper certifications and insurance, and they might even intend to finish only a portion of the project.

Question The Costly Ones

Along the same lines, when prices seem like they’re too high, walk away. Don’t let someone who talks a good game convince you that getting a medium-sized maple tree out of your backyard should cost the same as a new car.

Get More Than One Estimate

By this point, you might be wondering how you can know if prices are too low or too high. It’s a good idea to get a minimum of three different estimates. You don’t want to go nuts getting too many estimates, because that tree eventually has to come down. However, the more estimates you get, the better a handle you get on the potential price curve. Whenever possible, we suggest that you meet personally with each representative. It’s a lot easier to gauge their professionalism and expertise like this. You can also ask questions and learn more about what all is involved.

Avoid Contractors Going Door To Door.

Don’t trust a contractor going door to door with any project, especially a big one like removing a tree. Many district attorneys across the nation warn about this on a regular basis. So does the BBB. These kinds of contractors frequently travel from one town to the next preying on homeowners, especially seniors. Besides, tree work is too complex to be done as a spontaneous thing.

Be Cautious After A Storm Or Disaster

A natural disaster or severe weather might be why you need trees removed in the first place. However, this is when contractors start going door to door. Depending on how bad things are, you might have to make an exception to the above rule, but still check out what you can. Even if they’re legit with the right liability insurance and professional certifications, they might still jack up their rates to exorbitant fees.

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