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Shrubs are a much needed feature in any garden and can be used to add aesthetic value or to create boundaries. However, these plants need constant care and maintenance in order to keep them under control. A shrub that has grown out of control can be an eyesore and may be difficult to cut back and regrow perfectly once it has been left unchecked.

In most cases shrub removal is the only way to go once this has happened. There are many other reasons that a shrub may need to be removed. For example, you may not like a particular shrub, it may be causing health problems like allergies or you may want to re-landscape a section of your yard.

But any gardener who has attempted to do this on their own knows that removing a shrub is not as easy at it may look. You can’t simply pull it up like you would a smaller plant. This is because just like a tree, most shrubs have a taproot that runs deep into the ground forming a root ball as well as plenty of fibrous roots that run laterally, close to the soil and anchor the shrub and keep it upright. Not only is it necessary to remove the taproot in order to prevent the plant from sprouting up again, the lateral roots also pose a problem.

In some cases, the fibrous roots can extend far beyond the actual shrub and removing each root can be time consuming and a laborious task. Once again, it is important to eliminate the root system entirely in order to get rid of the shrub permanently.

There are two main removal techniques for shrubs that can be used to effectively and efficiently remove the plant from the ground and stop it from ever growing back. However, it is recommended to choose a professional shrub removal service to get the job done right the first time around and save yourself time, labor and money trying to get rid of the plant.

1. Root Or Stump Killer

Root and stump killer refer to the same technique or method for removing shrubs. You can opt for a chemical solution that you can find at your local nursery or hardware store or you can opt for a more natural solution such as a 50% glyphosate mixture. Alternatively, some home remedies such as salt or vinegar can be just as effective at killing the root system.

Cut the shrub down till only the stump/s remain. Drill holes into the top and sides of these stumps and pour some of your solution into the holes. It is absolutely crucial to be extra careful not to spill a drop or a grain when doing this as the solutions (even the natural salt and vinegar) can irrevocably damage lawn, plants or trees that it comes into contact with that may be surrounding the shrub or located nearby.

The solution will drain into the root system, effectively killing it. You then have the option of removing the dead roots by digging, chopping and extracting all the roots. Alternatively, you can let them be and allow them to decompose naturally. Placing some fertilizer or compost over the stump and visible roots can speed up decomposition.

2. Total Shrub Removal

This is the more popular solution for shrub removal as it is as labor intensive as using root killer before removing the plant but far less time consuming. There is also no need for harmful chemicals that could damage other plants in your yard.

First water the ground around the shrub well as far as the root system extends. Cut back the bush until only the stump remains. Dig a trench around the stump until you have located the root ball. You may need to dig quite deep depending on the type of shrub you want to get rid of. Chop off all the roots extending from the ball and then dig down under the root ball. A mattock is a great tool to chop away at thicker roots.

Remove the entire root ball and stumps. A root jack may come in handy here. Follow the fibrous roots that run laterally from the shrub and remove these too. This can take some time but it is important in order to ensure that the plant does not sprout from any leftover roots. A good way to do this is to break up the soil around where the root ball was located and the surrounding area until you are no longer able to locate any more roots.

It is recommended to dispose of the shrub and roots properly in suitable waste bags. This will also help prevent the shrub from taking root again.

A local tree removal service will be able to assist you in removing even the hardiest shrubs quickly and permanently.

Shrub Removal Pensacola

Shrub removal can be an involved process and if done wrong can lead to damage to your house and lawn. You want to make sure to hire a professional tree service company because having the proper tools and equipment is a must when removing shrubs from your property. A professional will not only have the proper equipment but they will also know how to properly extract the root to make sure no further damage is done to your yard.

If you are looking for shrub removal in the Pensacola area then look no further than SOS Tree Services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most efficient and best shrub removal service in the area. Removing shrubs from your landscape can help improve the look and value of your lawn. Don’t wait! Call SOS Tree Services today!

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